4 Things I’ve Learned as a CEO Shadow — GitLab

Ty Fujimura and Sid speak about creating a sense of ownership while working remote

How to make and communicate key decisions

As a CEO shadow I was able to attend board meetings. These board meeting really showed me how key decisions are made using data and how they are communicated out to the employees.

  • Is this implementation feasible?
  • How long will it take to implement?
  • Will we need more people to work on the implementation?
  • Will employees be happy and motivated implementing this?
  • What benefit is derived from this implementation and when will we see the benefit?

The importance of writing things down

As CEO Shadow I attended meetings from all parts of the company. I learned about support, marketing, sales, development, and so much more. With so many decisions being made for such diverse aspects of the company, it is so important to write things down when they are said.

The importance of collaboration

GitLab is all about community and teamwork, it’s so nice to have 2 shadows at once, following a learn from one and teach one. It really make the program that more fun.

How to manage time efficiently

I was amazed at how efficiently a CEO’s day is planned. I attended GitLab meetings as well as personal meetings for the CEO’s other ventures.

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Fernando Diaz


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