Debugging is an important part of resolving programming problems. There are many tools out there that are much better than print statements, although this is a debated topic.

Python comes with a built-in interactive debugger known as pdb.

Pdb allows you to set breakpoints and single step at the source…

In an age where companies like Netflix are running over 500 Microservices at once, it is important to quickly find out where exactly a failure or decrease in performance is coming from. …

I’ve been making lots of videos for marketing technical features for my employer (GitLab). In this guide I will show you how to make great videos that will not only draw, but keep users attention.

Disclaimer, I’m not at influencer level yet! Keyword “yet”.

I’ll go over the following topics:

I was very fortunate to qualify for the GitLab CEO Shadow program after there was a last minute slot opening. In this program I followed Sid through his daily work routine (and some of his personal ventures).

I got to see the inner workings of GitLab, as well as attend…

According to the United States Department of Labor, close to 5-million Americans are currently working in retail. During College, I worked at a Retail Office Supply Store and have many stories.

A lot of these stories come from my memory of working in retail over 10 years ago. There were…

Better nginx with Kubernetes

There are a lot of blogs and articles on using ingress-nginx, but I’ve noticed that there’s not many on actually developing features for the Kubernetes ingress controller.

I was a speaker at KubeCon Europe back in 2018 and presented on this very topic, and I want to make it easy…

Covid-19 has made times very hard for all of us, but there are ways of making it a little easier.

It’s Groundhog day, but not the one will Bill Murray, not even Palm Springs, a recent adaptation, but rather the one in Supernatural, which was noted by Jared Padalecki(Sam) as…

With Deployments getting bigger and bigger, networking issues are becoming harder and harder to troubleshoot.

This guide will provide basic information on debugging access to your application via the ingress controller using the ingress-nginx kubectl plugin.

As of Kubernetes 1.12, custom plugins can be written for kubectl. The Ingress Community…

Golang provides the package text/template for generating textual output from an object. It is used in many popular OpenSource projects like Kubernetes Ingress-NGIX and Hugo.

It allows us to avoid doing extra work when generating similar forms. We only change/process just what we need.

I will go over a few…

The Kubernetes Ingress-Nginx controller allows us to enable ModSecurity, an OpenSource Web Application Firewall. In this post I will go over how to use and configure ModSecurity with Ingress-Nginx.

What is ModSecurity

ModSecurity is a web application firewall which is used to protect your web application from a variety of attacks.

In Ingress-NGINX…

Fernando Diaz

Senior Technical Marketing @ GitLab 🦊, Developer @ home, Keeping ATX Weird 😜

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