Making Great Technical Marketing Videos for YouTube — Tips and Tricks

Disclaimer, I’m not at influencer level yet! Keyword “yet”.

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  • Script Planning 📄
  • Gear 📹
  • Video Editing + Screen Recording 📼
  • Thumbnails 💅
  • Titles and Descriptions 🛤
  • Pattern Interrupts 👽
  • Cards and End Screens 📩
  • Promoting on Social Media 🐦

Script Planning and Value Highlighting

Your videos should be very well thought out before you actually get into the process of recording. I like to use the screenplay format for everything I write. It helps me keep my mind organized. It’s good to have a starting point, and later the flow can be improved during the film process.


The quality of your video and audio is important to how long a viewer will be engaged.

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  • DSLR Camera capable of 4K
  • iPhone XR or better
  • Android capable of 4K video

Video Editing

After recording exactly what you will be showcasing, we get to the editing. The recording should be how it was planned on the script with improvisation where needed.

Photo by James McKinven on Unsplash
  • Cropping: You should crop out any irrelevant content. Many times I see sooooooooo many tabs open on others screen recordings.
  • Voice-Over: You should maintain the same tone throughout the video. Outside noise should also be reduced.
  • Cuts: If you said certain things like “ummmm” in a video and it would take too much time to re-record everything, simply perform a cut. The transition not being smooth is not necessarily a bad thing (see interrupt below)
  • Zooming: Try and zoom in when showing a particular workflow
  • Zoom (start a meeting, record, and screen-share)
  • Quicktime Player
  • Camtasia
  • OBS: Open Broadcaster Software
  • iMovie
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Davinci Resolve

Pattern Interrupts

  • Adding Popups and Sounds throughout the video
  • Adding Stock Photos within the video
  • Zooming into different parts of the video
  • Completely changing the location of the video (example: moving from live video to recorded demo)


Thumbnails are an important part of grabbing a viewers attention. With so many videos on YouTube, we tend to click on the ones with an image that grasps our interest.

  • An image with something related to the content
  • Text giving some context about the video
Thumbnails created using Adobe Spark

Titles and Descriptions

Titles are crucial not only to having your content appear on searches, but also towards getting users to actually click on the video. Make sure your title is not only well-written, but that it is true to your content. You want users to come back to your page and not be discouraged(e.g. No Click-bait).

Vsauce video “Which Way is Down?” description

Cards and End Screens

Cards are notifications that can appear throughout the video. They are small rectangular boxes appearing within the video which should link to relevant content, like merchandise or related videos.

  • View another video or playlist
  • Encourage viewer to subscribe
  • Cross-promote another youtube channel
  • Link to approved websites
End-Screen showing related video and playlist

Promoting on Social Media

Once your video is complete and has been published, we need to get it out in the world. What better way than to share it!

  • Twitter: Twitter is an amazing platform for connecting with others with similar interests, send out a tweet with relevant text so that it’s searchable.
  • LinkedIn: Lot’s of your coworkers might be on LinkedIn, it would be nice for them to share the articles with all their colleagues.
  • Slack: Be sure to share it within your organization’s slack channels, that way others can begin to promote your content.
  • Reddit: With the videos being technical, and not too markety, they can be shared on different subreddits.
  • Medium: If you are writing a relevant blog, it would be good to include a link to your video.



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