What I learned as a Development Director Shadow at GitLab

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Starting the program

I learned about the program by posts on the slack channel for the Secure stage development team. My experience started with an introduction call the week before, where I prepared for the program by:

  • Obtaining access to Wayne’s calendar
  • Going over what is expected of the program
  • Discuss what Wayne is currently working on

Notable Meetings

As an engineering manager shadow I attended many of Wayne’s zoom meetings in order to gain perspective of his day-to-day.

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Notable Merge Requests (MRs)

I assisted with reviewing a number of merge requests and issues. Wayne would send me a few each day to show what he has been working on, so that I can provide feedback.

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On the last day of the shadow program, I met with Wayne to discuss what I have learned and ways we can improve the program. I went ahead and suggested the following:

  • Director should continue to report a list of merge requests and issues of interest daily — This provides the shadow with something to work on and look into each day aside from meetings



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Fernando Diaz

Fernando Diaz


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